Six New Technologies That Will Change Your Life

Technology is changing the world dramatically. In the past few years, you may find the “marketing director” of smartphones, tablet PCs, touch screen, Internet TV, Facebook … What the future will be like? Let’s go through 6 areas can cause a major impact in the future individuals with mild liver!

1:- Cloud

Six New Technologies That Will Change Your Life 1
Cloud computing is booming, but this was the time period began. 
Yes, the solution provides the processing power of supercomputers, data storage capacity is almost unlimited low cost or free methods are evolving to become the new standard of 2-Tek village. Even the type of food services online consultation or more equally well developed. Imagine you are sitting at home and instructed me everything from health to cooking is not like him but love.

2:- Analysis

Six New Technologies That Will Change Your Life 2The analysis is like the brain of the cloud when you send information to the most selective. Basically, the analysis is censoring a mountain of data to find reasonable solutions for each problem, as research on user habits that Google and Facebook are doing. In the future, if you want to become excellent cooks, they are only a click that can find accurate advice for each situation home!

3:- Hadoop

Six New Technologies That Will Change Your Life 3Next is an array of technology-related analysis. Hadoop, commonly known under the name “big data” (big data), able to collect a huge amount of information and transfer them to a series of low-cost computers, analyzed at low cost and time is almost instantaneous. future of this great technology, especially when applied with common services such as Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Facebook … brilliant prospect when people can gather and process millions of patient records across the world in a flash, or sales staff immediately advise you about shopping solution optimal.

4: IPv6

Six New Technologies That Will Change Your Life4Most people know not to make this, but the Internet has to go through the various upgrades. Version noticeable next to the IPv6 global network, with the ability to provide connectivity to approximately 295 devices simultaneously, a remarkable number really. The meaning of U? It’s everything you can connect to the Internet, computer, television for refrigeration, air conditioning, bathrooms … And for what purpose, then your only option.

5:- Low-Power Sensor

Six New Technologies That Will Change Your Life 5As I have said, to put everything on the Internet, we need a special type of sensor – compact and consume less energy. In fact, the market also appears that some of these products such as Zigbee, Z-Wave or 6lopan. When attaching them to the device around, you can issue voice commands and programming to obtain information necessary. Thus, the petty concerns as dropped keys, forget to turn off gas stove … are handled easily.

6:- 3D Printer

Six New Technologies That Will Change Your Life6
Like science fiction film Star Trek device “Replicator”, now you can make everything exactly the original item through new-generation 3D printer. 
Although the price of this product and materials used are very high, but things are changing rapidly in the near future. Then, you produce some comfort or a screwdriver wrench as urgent, or self as a model toy advertised on television for your naughty little brother …


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