Targus Working on Handwriting Recognition System for iPad

Targus Working on Handwriting Recognition System for iPad

Targus, the manufacturer of computer cases and accessories and iDevices, which specializes in Apple accessories with Bluetooth connectivity. Targus announced at CES 2012 a partnership to develop the iNotebook . This is a device that allows users to make notes on a sheet of paper and transfer directly to the iPad.

The iNotebook includes a rechargeable battery and a Bluetooth receiver which communicates with the pen to recognize the handwritten content. In turn, the stylus pen is integrated and allowing the user to write directly on your iPad and without running the risk of leaving stains or scratches on the screen.

Another advantage of the product is that it avoids the use of specialty papers for use. All components of iNotebook are protected in case that make your iPad even more elegant.

In addition, the iNotebook offers sharing of annotations between devices, sends all documents transferred by e-mail, personalized documents with different backgrounds and themes, editing documents, integration with Facebook and Twitter, among others.

To keep everything running smoothly, the product works with a free application that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. This application allows the transfer and storage of the content written for the iPad. You still have the option to save these files in iCloud, which can be very useful for those who, for example, sign important documents constantly.

The two companies will work together to develop the main features of the product. The goal of the partnership is that the iNotebook is a device that simplifies the task of transferring the contents written in a digital format, making it easier to be saved, accessed and shared. The iNotebook is expected to be available for the month of June and has a suggested price of $ 149.99.

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