The Tallest Building in the World will be Built in China in 90 Days

The construction of the tallest building in the world will try to carry engineers in China with a time margin of just 90 days. With a height of 838m and 220 floors of the skyscraper ‘Sky City’ will be built on the river in Xiangjiang Changsa and to keep to the schedule will be built 5 floors each day!

The company undertook the project goes by the name Broad Sustainable Building and recently managed to build 30-story hotel in just 15 days. For the construction of the towering skyscraper will use 220,000 tons of steel and the cost is estimated to reach $ 1500 per square meter.

The first work is expected to start by the end of the month and we are hopefully the skyscraper will be ready before March 2013.

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