New System for E-Book Promises a More “Traditional” Reading Experience

New System for E-Book Promises a More Traditional Reading Experience

There may be indeed a day of printed books and magazines will be both an archaic piece of our culture that no one cares whether the digital document to be reminiscent of a printed form. That day is not yet here, while a large portion of the world still want the experience of e-readers to be very close to that of reading a normal book.

For this purpose, this week, a team from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) announced the development of new electronic reader, which brings a number of possibilities a book in tablets and smartphones. Called Smart E-book System.


The technology incorporates off-screen border area of touch screen devices, known as the rim. By placing a finger or thumb in front and sliding the screen, users can experience the experience of filming the pages just like a normal book. Of course, apart from these qualities, and some give not just to give it a natural feel, like the speed of the graphics, how many pages to spin in “flipping” and other similar details. At present, however, is not known whether the manufacturers have indicated an interest in integrating technology their devices.


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