Do You Need a “Spy” for Your iPhone?

Do You Need a "Spy" for Your iPhone?There are times when you do not trust even those who live with you in the same house.Especially for those who fear that a curious neighbor climb into their iPhone, while he is in charge, came up with “espionage” docking station with a hidden camera.

Docking station iCharge outwardly no different from many similar, except for the presence in her body CCD-camera 450 TVL Color. This chamber is connected to a motion sensor, so the recording will start only when someone will be near the dock

So distrustful owner smartphone will surely know, who touched the iPhone in its absence. Videos written on the supplied SD Memory Card 4GB  which is expandable to 32 GB.Do You Need a "Spy" for Your iPhone?

Buy this accessory, apparently, only the most cautious, paranoid worry about the safety and integrity of its iPhone people because the cost of “espionage” novelty is $ 395.


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