SoulSeek QT, Popular Peer to Peer Network of Music in your Mac

SoulseekI can say without fear of contradiction, that Soulseek was the first social network to which I was hooked. And you will say, SoulSeek is no social network “Well, yeah … not really, but the truth is that the P2P network dedicated to music if it had characteristics of social networks. And the truth is that it was unaware of the existence of a program for Mac versions were “unofficial” but that failed to work too well , SoulSeek QT is fully functional Mac versions .

For that you have never used desconozcais  this program is a program dedicated to music downloads . It is geared exclusively to it, although obviously its users can share anything they wish.The charm of this application is that we can “snoop” the shared users. If we find a user or group has a record we wanted, we can investigate that music is shared, which can easily lead you to discover bands you did not know. We may also create chat rooms (or introduce us to some already created) to talk about certain styles or bands.

If you are a music lover, you can probe highly recommend the program to me has served me well to find groups that were unaware of their existence, make great friendships. It is a program with its own philosophy, so that at first you might find a little lost.

More info:  Download SoulSeekQT (search Latest Mac Builds)


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