Sony Unveils the Playstation 4, Without Showing the Device

Dual Sock 4It is also rare that a product presentation, in which the product will ever be presented, not shown. Even an exact release date and retail price are not yet known. The above actually provides almost the Posse to the WeTab . But Sony has the new console developed in the last five years, at least at Christmas, they should be on the market. Let’s be generous and believe das.

PS4 Starts With the Same Competition:-

What awaits the customers? The PlayStation 4 will be equipped with a x86 CPU and an 8-core GPU. Added 8 GB of RAM, a Dual Shock 4 controller with touchpad and a 3D camera detection. The feature has been introduced to some extent on the Nintendo Wii, and perfected with Microsoft Kinect. So now you pull the same with the competition.

Besides the hardware Sony focuses on games from the cloud and will also allow users to continue playing the game without interruption on the hand just PS Vita. Many fans will be but little pleased that the PS4 makes no backwards compatibility with PS3 games. Instead, the game controller now has a share button that lets you Scores and videos by pressing a button can also share in the wide world. That’s not really innovative.

Sony Lacks the Vision for the Living Room

On top of that Sony lacks a vision of how the PlayStation to the media center of the living room. For a long game consoles are not just for Daddeln which makes Xbox ago how to integrate meaningful music and film offers and thus become the first point of contact for the digital evening planning.

Since Microsoft will this year also probably imagine his successor console Xbox 720, Sony could quickly fall behind. And another competitor the PlayStation 4 could spoil the party: Apple TV. Yet it is not a gaming console, but that could change as a flash. Once Tim Cook a software developer kit for Apple TV released iOS apps heaves on the TV screen and offers developers the popular 70/30-Umsazbeteiligung, it is uncomfortable for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

That’s still speculation , and of course Apple TV is not in its present form can keep up with the processor and graphics performance of gaming consoles. But there is not just hardcore gamers – the Wii has shown the potential for casual players.

Sony is Focused on Hardcore Gamers?

On the other hand, of course, continue to be computationally intensive games like Call of Duty bought by gambling – but if the mass market is, I doubt it. It seems almost as if Sony smell a rat, they mass market have little chance against Microsoft and Apple, and therefore focused on the segment of the hardcore gamers. Even if the press event in New York could show no console, so they tried the guests with game trailers of the graphics power of the PlayStation 4 to convince.

The PS4 Will not Reclaim Sony’s Dominance

Nevertheless: it is certainly not the domination of the console market to recapture that had been held with the success of the PlayStation and PS2 almost ten years. And even if there is no fixed law, had, with the exception of the PS1 and PS2 games each generation a new market leader – by Atari, Nintendo, Sega and Sony Nintendo sold twice with the Wii console, most of the last generation.

But something tells me that the hot leader of the next generation will be either Microsoft or Apple, but definitely not Sony.


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