The Social Network of the Pets (Infographic)

The Social Network of the Pets (Infographic) 1

Earlier this year, Facebook reported that eighty three million accounts on its huge social web site square measure faux. And twenty three million of these accounts square measure non-human entities, like animals.

While one out of ten pets incorporates a social media profile, there square measure a handful of pets that have claimed worldwide fame. the foremost famed cat on Twitter,  @sockington, has quite one.4 million followers. And you can’t place along an inventory of famed social pets while not mentioning Facebook’s beloved Boo, World Health Organization has quite five million Likes and investigation.

But these animals’ fame isn’t restricted to the interwebs. YouTube’s favorite boxed cat Maru used his infectious agent fame to land a star role in a very Uniqlo drive.

Animal rescue charity SPANA rounded up the highest social petworking stars during this ow some infographic. Did they miss any of your favorite internet pets? Tell America within the comments.


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