Skype Introduces Conversation Ads

Conversation AdsSkype introduces a new advertising formula to the service of those who, through Microsoft Advertising, intend to use the space “display” provided by the service for video calls. So Microsoft is doing to benefit from the acquisition of Skype also monetizing the resulting advertising, something that apparently had fallen attention from the moment in which the transaction is concluded and the integration is started from the point of view of development and strategies.

The new proposal not only provides simple banner display popup close to the elements of communication, but under the formula ” Conversation Ads “also introduces an advertising space even on the side of the box for video. Announcing the news, the manager Sandhya Venkatachalam (VP Advertising & Monetization Skype) does not hesitate to point out how it all will not in any way damage the quality of the service, because the spaces do not provide audio, do not occupy the screen intrusive way, and especially not going to affect the quality of the call.

This video will appear on the space of users who do not have credit loaded on Skype , while all other terms will be considered “premium” and therefore devoid of such ads.

Skype promises to those who invest in advertising on your client a target audience of 41 million unique users, 65.8% of whom between 18 and 49 years, for most cases of female (53 , 7%). The new solution joins the many formats already available for advertising, seeking to further extend the offer and make it as palatable as possible space on the client when the integration with Microsoft promises an important new extension of the pervasiveness Community.


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