The Server that is in a Chip Cube

The Server that is in a Chip Cube 2

“Green clouds and Black Swans” – that was the title of the keynote address by HP researchers Partha Ranganathan on the Server Design Summit in Santa Clara. While the quest for low power for cloud computing is self-explanatory yet, Ranganathan played with the second part of the title to the problem of induction. This involves logic based on the assumption that there are no black swans.

Something that is not yet known – such as the black swan in the problem of induction – is also the building block, wants to explore the Hewlett-Packard: the Nano doors. In the form of a three-dimensional chip stack there are processors, memory, and the basic network of nano-gate is combined with one another. To replace the DRAM HP suggests naturally the house memristor before.

As Rangana than via  EETimes said , is that not only bring advantages in power consumption. Especially the memory puts his opinion in an impasse. According to his observations, the density of the RAM from 60 percent earlier in the year has more reduced to 25 percent now, and faster technology also stalled. DDR3 SDRAM has become very popular in servers, but based on techniques from the year 2007.

More Performance Per Watt

The HP researchers holds the Nano doors to a possible solution:

“The 3D stack is not only for traditional workloads, but also for new workloads show what changes everything, and the potential for a hundred times better ratio of performance to power” .

Much of what has been in PC-style server designs several times, is expected to cut the nano gates. Thus, the power supplies for processors, memory, and networking are only available once, namely separately for each 3D stack. Among themselves and with other devices can communicate through the stack a mesh network. ARM processors as small or atomic cores are used.

In about three years, Ranganathan, the technique could be ready for use. HP takes the concept for some time, details are in a PDF on the subject read by Ranganathan, which was published in January 2011.

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