Serval: Communication Without Mobile Telephony and Internet

Serval: Communication Without Mobile Telephony and Internet 2

The Serval Mesh is a new application for Android which is possible to make calls and send SMS even when there are no networks in the area or for some reason do not work. The application must be installed on both devices between which will take place the call and uses your existing phone number.

The application does not require an Internet connection and works even without the presence of whatever network provider by simply using the open-source technology Serval. The company hopes that the technology will be particularly useful in emergency situations or disasters where communication is necessary and its practical usefulness extends even in deprived areas.

The future plans of the company include the creation of the Serval Maps, Maps that can be used without the presence of networks, Serval Morse, social network that will allow the publication morsels (tweets) and an API which can be used service through other applications.

The application Serval Mesh is available in Google Play for Android devices and recommend that you read the description carefully before downloading. More information about the company and the technology will find the official website of the Serval here .

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