The Secrets of the Success of the Design of Apple Products Deployed in a Beautiful Video of OnlineMBA

Apple Refurbished Products

OnlineMBA has recently published a very interesting video in which plots the essential criteria that define the unique design of Apple products. The total dedication to the usability of the object itself is the primary factor in any Apple product, but of course this is not enough to ensure the sales volume absolutely giddy that can score the products of Cupertino in recent times.

Apple Products are challenging Market Researchers  to Explore the Success Factors.

OnlineMBA (Master of Business Administration) is basically an online course of study which aims to train entrepreneurs and managers of the future by focusing on theoretical aspects such as practical. Specifically with to offer an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and giving a look to the material aspects of “How to develop critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skill on the subject matter”.

The choice of the latter is one of the factors to be weighed very carefully and precisely for this reason OnlineMBA realized some explanatory videos to get you in the various courses. One of these videos explains the predominant characteristics of the design of Apple products .

We all know that Steve Jobs was a perfectionist. Apple engineers and designers had to create hundreds of prototypes before we get a final confirmation on the design of a product. But the manic obsession Jobs has paid off. Currently there are no devices on the market that are not considerable as a ‘”iteration” of an Apple product. The dedication of the Cupertino company located in creating products designed elegant and simple with an easy-to-use technology, has made every iPad, iPhone and Macbook products huge success

And every company has in recent years sought to replace their design with the insights of Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive. Just think of the smartphone old design before the advent of the iPhone. All very recognizable to each other and each with a very different form factor. iPhone, if one part has brought a level of innovation from the point of view of both the design of the software, the otherhas created a kind of equalization of the various devices on the market .

The essential factor is that today we can recognize all  devices competing with the iPhone and iPad. If before the iPhone smartphone devices were filled with buttons, antennas view, very thick and useless accessories to most people, now you have to look very closely each device to identify the model. It all can be traced to a single founder: the iPhone.

5 rules to follow if you want to take a design style of Apple Products:

  1. The high quality design covers the whole product: you have to put the same attention to all aspects of the device to which you are working. The product must be beautiful in its entirety, both inside and out.
  2. All the elements at work on a product should understand exactly what they are working on, how it works and the benefits it will bring to the consumer and society
  3. Focus and simplicity, have clear ideas and make it simple: it was one of the unquestionable mantra of Steve Jobs: ” Making something simple is more difficult to produce something complex. You have to work hard to have a clear idea and make something simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you succeed you can climb a mountain “
  4. Users want a simple design (which is not full of stuff in it), clean, undamaged and functional.
  5. A well-designed product is intended as an extension of himself by end users.

These are, according to OnlineMBA , the characters have made unique and sophisticated (not to say copied) the design of Apple products.

In our analysis is missing something that can not be explained in words. Something “magical”, to paraphrase Steve Jobs himself, of which the competition is struggling to discover their secrets.

Do you think that Apple Products will Rules over the word in next 10 years and Secrets of the Success of the Design of Apple Products will unexplored completely by its competitors?

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