Secret Weapon of Samsung Galaxy S III

Secret Weapon of Samsung Galaxy S IIIThis is probably the first product manufacturing is not Apple, which goes before the advent of so many rumors. This time, the Korean newspaper DDaily “declassified” main “chip” of the new smart phone Samsung.

It is already difficult for someone to surprise the number of cores in processors, memory and even the resolution of the display. Therefore, the Korean company has decided to go the other way.

It is expected that the new device will be equipped with Samsung wireless charger that has no analogues in the world of mobile devices. To recharge will not need to touch smartphone with a charger (as implemented in the induction charger) – Galaxy S III will be charged, even if they are within 1-2 meters from the power source.

Will be included with smartphone “traditional” charge, or charge it will be possible only without the wires – is still unknown. 

Recall that according to various sources , the most anticipated Samsung device will display with a diagonal 4,6-4,8 inch HD or Full HD resolution, the ceramic body and two- or quad-core chip Exynos . In addition, the network has already appeared and alleged photos of the new device .

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