The Scientists Developed Nanoflowers Battery for Smartphone

According to foreign media reports, U.S. scientists designed a miniature battery. This tiny pink nano-structures can overturn the traditional battery design with a unique surface structure that can stored energy. This “nano flower” is made from vulcanized germanium (a semiconductor material) and its flower shape to a smaller space having more surface structure to store energy, which will become the ideal energy storage applications. For example: the smart phone battery.

The Scientists Developed Nanoflowers Battery for Smartphone 1

Nanoflowers only 20-30 nm thick and 100 microns long.It  has a larger surface area in a smaller space structure that can be used in the manufacture of new smart phone battery.

The breakthrough technologies and colleagues developed it in the University of North Carolina in the United States Caolin You (phonetic). In order to create the structure of this nano-flowers. The research team for the first time in the furnace heating powdered semiconductor material to evaporate after the blow to the stove a lower temperature region, so that it is drill-precipitated.

This layered structure is only 20-30 nm thick and  100 microns long and when the drill-add extending in the lower layer on the basis of each layer, the formation of the structure of a similar marigold flowers or carnation.

Panel emphasized flower structure can be enhanced a lithium accumulator, which is because more slim structure and larger surface area can be stored more lithium ions. Based on the same reason, this structure can also be used to enhance the superconductor performance. The nanoflowers battery research report has been published in the journals of the ACS Nano “.


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