Scientists Have Created the first Quantum Network

Researchers Propose that Quantum Computers with Holograms

Physicists argue that for the first time they were able to construct an elementary quantum network based on Photonews interface between two separate atoms. The network consists of two nodes, each of which can send, receive and store information, communicating with a single photon by 60-meter fiber-optic cable.

In the first prototype network of scientists at the Institute for Quantum Optics at the Max Planck used the two atoms of rubidium, placed into the recesses between the two closely spaced from each other mirrors. Getting into the groove, the photon is reflected from the mirror repeatedly, actively interacting with the atom. The capture of an atom at the desired point was done with a finely tuned laser beams. After this, the authors of the project reached a controlled emission of individual photons trapped atom, which helped to learn by these photons to transmit coded information, writes

Head of research team Dr. Stefan Ritter , said:

“We were able to show that quantum states can be transmitted much more efficiently than with any of the standard means of communication.” 

Scientists have also succeeded in creating the effect of the so-called “quantum entanglement” between two nodes that provide communications, in which the properties of two objects is directly dependent on each other, where these objects are. The polarization of a photon emitted by an atom A, linked to a quantum state of the atom. When the photon is absorbed by atom B, it is passed to the matching of atom A.

“We have implemented the first prototype of a quantum network. We have reached a bilateral exchange of quantum information between nodes. Moreover, we can generate the matching between two nodes and to maintain this state for about 100 microseconds, while the linking of the generation itself takes only a microsecond. Matching of the two systems, separated by great distances, is in itself a remarkable phenomenon. It can also serve as the basis for the teleportation of quantum information technologies “, – said the project Dr. Ritter.

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