Samsung Officially Announced the Launch Date of Flexible Display

bend screenAccording to recent information from the BBC, Samsung will release a new generation screen with the ability to be able to bend, next year. With this new screen, the design will no longer be confined to the present and at the same time usability of smartphone devices will also increase significantly.

Besides Samsung, LG, Philips, Sharp, Sony and Nokia are also trying to launch “plastic” screen as soon as possible. However, with current technology, Samsung will certainly be the first manufacturer to launch the new generation screen next year. As predicted, the new generation screen will be using OLED technology and Samsung will be applied to a number of its products in 2013.bend-screen-2

Of course, we do not currently have the components can bend, bend batteries so a mobile device can curl up and pocket it is still too far away. However, with this new display technology, the design of the current smartphone will definitely change a lot and the problem related to crack or break the screen when … deliberately bending equipment will be no more.


The mobile device will own more fancy designs with this new screen.



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