Samsung Galaxy S4, for the First time Beat iPhone Sales

samsungSamsung managed to surpass iPhone sales in the U.S. during the month of May. The milestone achieved by the Galaxy S4 could be a turning point in the market. The telephone broke records after gaining Samsung sell 10 million units in less than a month.

Samsung has achieved what few months ago seemed impossible: beat iPhone sales last  sold by Apple. Yes, at the moment only has achieved over a month (May), in a particular market, although primary ( United States ) and is not an official figure, but estimates of an analyst of Canaccord Genuity Michael Walkley. However, the milestone achieved by sales of Galaxy S4 could mean a turning point . And in any case, the device had already managed to get the highest score of the Korean company with more than 10 million units sold in a month .

There have been several factors that have enabled this. First, the strategy of Samsung to marketing its flagship has been somewhat different from Apple and the terminal could be found in virtually all the world within days of its release . This availability, of course, positively impacted sales of Galaxy S4, which was the best-selling team of three of the four major U.S. carriers (Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile). For the quarter, AT% T, took second place, behind the iPhone 5.

The company also has a wider range of products, so that the predecessor of S4, the Galaxy S III , andGalaxy Note II contributed their bit to make Samsung lograse become the leading manufacturer in the United States during the May. Apple also sells other phones at a price somewhat less than the iPhone 5, but it seems that their sales are so important (although the Cupertino does not reveal such data). Anyway, according to comScore, Apple dominates the market of smart phones, with a share of 39.2% in April this year , compared to 22% for Samsung.

Finally, Walkley says the great effort made in marketing by Koreans, who has made his terminal apply to its rivals, especially in the highly saturated Android market, where competition is increasingly tough (the HTC One, for example, has also had an important role in the results of HTC).

To all this we must add one final factor that could get his throne back shortly iPhone: the iPhone 5 is a phone old , in the sense that it takes several months on the market . Therefore, it does not have that aura of novelty which does benefit his great rival. The innovations to be presented at WWDC next Monday (which you can follow live with Hiperetextual) and, especially, the arrival of a new phone in a few monthsApple should return to his post . However, it is a clear warning that the market may change at any time, so that any company can be trusted and complacency.

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