Samsung Admits That They Are Not Well In Market Of Tablets

Samsung Admits That They Are Not Well In Market Of Tablets 2

Today, mounted on the back of Android, Korea’s Samsung is one of the most powerful companies in the market for smartphones . And it is because they are doing many things right, but there is a sector where finish off but started well : in the tablets, which is a serious problem that we all had record and now a director of the company has publicly admitted.

Particular has been Hankil Yoon , head of product strategy at Samsung, who in a media roundtable held in various Mobile World Congress 2012 has pointed out that “honestly, we are not doing very well in the tablet market “.

Not only that. Before the launch of its Galaxy Note 10.1 , was asked what he thinks of the threat of having several similar products on the market together, to which he replied that ” The best way to survive in the market is to kill your products . ” ” We want to stay competitive in the marketplace . “

Surprised? The truth is that I do, for two reasons. First, because it is rare that an executive of a company the likes of Samsung supports this size errors and so dramatically, let alone as part of an event as important as the Mobile World Congress. Second, because on several occasions Samasung defended his strategy of having a wide range of tablets in the market, and it seems now are considering betting on the opposite.

So that I can only take my hat off to Samsung . Bravo for having the courage to admit mistakes, and that’s the first thing to solve, and bravo for having an open mind in terms of strategiesIf they continue down this path, most likely in 2012 will again be the leaders of Android.

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