Roboy, the Most Advanced Humanoid Robot in the World

ROBOY - Humanoid Robot

Robotics continues to make great strides and with it the hope from man to build mechanical copies of itself. The latest comes from Switzerland, notably from the University of Zurich at the AI Lab was in fact built Roboy , one of the world’s most advanced humanoid robot. Roboy finally see the light since the early months of 2013, with a presentation during the event “Robots on Tour” to illustrate the quality of the project coordinated by Professor Rolf Pfeifer.

Humanoid Robot Replicated the Physical Human Aspects

The main feature that stands out from the rest Roboy humanoid robots built to date in the laboratories of universities around the world is its ability to replicate the physical aspects of human beings in a surprising way. every movement is in fact coordinated by artificial versions of tendons, joints , bones and muscles , allowing a flexibility and dexterity in some ways comparable to that of humans. Roboy, in short, wants to be in all respects similar to its creators, copying the physical structure in every aspect.

The size of the robot are currently equal to those of a child of four years, but the team of researchers who are dealing with the IA Lab of development they hope to make further progress in this direction. Meanwhile, the project hopes to raise more funds to continue its evolution, as evidenced by the ability to make a donation in exchange for sponsorship of different parts of the robot during the upcoming performances.

When Humanoid Robot available

Roboy short, once completed will be considered without a doubt one of the most advanced humanoid robot in the world, thanks to the excellent work done in the laboratories of the University of Zurich. His debut could then lead the way for the arrival of new robots in this category, making reality more and more like science-fiction movies that long affect the collective imagination and gives hope for a future where robots and men can collaborate one alongside the other.

The Humanoid Robot is now not a Science-Fiction

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