Robotic Wheelchair Climbs Stairs

Robotic Wheelchair Climbs Stairs 2

Significant achievement by scientists in Japan

A new wheelchair built by the Institute of Technology, Chiba, Japan, has the potential to be used on uneven trails and narrow spaces with great ease. The wheelchair uses sensors to detect obstacles and changes in the slope of the ground so that it automatically adjusts its wheels .All you need to do is you set the direction to follow and the robotic system will do the rest. 
Apart from the sensors to detect and can be performed by their own wheels, allowing the wheelchair to recognize stairs and obstacles with high confidence. chief research process explained Digitized Information on how the wheels can act like human feet, after even have the ability to climb stairs, one wheel at a time. In this case, the rear wheels are used as a support, while the front and lifted instantaneous angle to upload or download the user safely.
Certainly not suitable for use on stairs, mainly due to the volume, but even so it can be extremely useful on the road, especially in places where no special ramps. sensors can even detect any soil and to adjust the angle of seat so that the body of the user to remain flat and there is the possibility of turning 180 degrees using auxiliary stabilizers. At present, the chair remains as original, with the drive system but is almost complete. Soon you will proceed to stage test to be perfected.
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