Robotic System Replicates the Human Hand

Robotic System Replicates the Human Hand

In order to replace humans in dangerous work in MK2 has two hands with three fingers and joints that can both pick up objects and use them.

The “HDT Global” Ohio argues that the MK2 system may be installed on any robot platform and offers an innovative flexibility in system control. The device weighs only 23 pounds. With two fingers and a thumb, the MK2 can with skillful hands to use a wide variety of tools and to bear a weight of 50 kg.

Most importantly, be able to make work hazardous to humans, such as the extraction of a detonator and a suspicious backpack away from public places.

The new features provide the operator MK2 almost the same skill, strength and speed, just like human hands, but with the difference that there is no risk to human life , “says the HDT.

The MK2 will be presented at the event “Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference”, later this month in San Diego, California.


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