Restaurant with an Interactive Menu (Video)

Restaurant with an Interactive MenuIn London, inamo restaurant was opened with an interactive menu.There are no waiters, and spotlights over the tables thanks to all the dishes first projected onto a plate, so that every visitor could see how it would look like order. Table surfaces are like a giant display device. Swipe your finger  and choose the desired option, flipping the menu, get information on a platter.You can also do this online and then in the “Live” to observe how the kitchen preparing your meal. Or check out his page on the social network, or taxi.

However, despite the fact that the restaurant has positioned itself as an institution without waiters – it’s not entirely true. Still, someone should bring order food and clean tables. But it is possible that this is temporary – it will take a little time and a meal learn not only to project onto the plate, and immediately teleport. Then save to tip it will be possible. By the way, despite an exclusive service, this restaurant is one of the very expensive not carry  main courses are 15-16 pounds , desserts around 5,5-6,8 pounds .


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