What are the Resolutions of IT Companies for 2013 ? [Cartoon]

Resoulations- IT-Companies1What are the resolutions for 2013 of IT companies? What they have in there minds, giants such as Apple, Google, Microsoft or more specifically their creators: Cook, Page, Ballmer, Ive? Joy of Tech is explained in a new cartoon.

Sometimes it seems that IT organizations behave like children . The legal wrangling in general or certain events and situations that are created do think the giants, by which circulate large amounts of money around the world, like a big infants that collide with one another to have the lion’s share big cake.

Below is a cartoon that shows some of the resolutions for the new year for the most important exponents of the world of consumer electronics and information technology in particular.Resoulations- IT-Companies

Among the most hilarious we find that in common between Tim Cook (Apple CEO) and Kwon Oh Hyun (CEO of Samsung), who want to put an end to legal disputes between them “, winning ! ” A Larry Page (Google CEO) who wants to help Apple to replace Google App on iOS with the Apple … as it has done with Google Maps.

But analyze them one by one, transforming them in order from left to right, top to bottom:

  • Tim Cook and Kwon Oh Hyun (respectively CEO of Apple and Samsung):“This year my intention is to end the war of patents …, winning!”
  • Larry Page (Google CEO): “My goal is to do everything possible to help Apple to replace Google Apps! Just like Maps, it worked beautifully! “
  • Thorsten Heins (CEO of RIM): “The 2013 will be the year of BlackBerry!Someone wants to then buy RIM? Make me an offer! “
  • Icon Instagram : “Ok, someone could ever forget that Facebook has purchased? Come on! “
  • Shares in Apple (AAPL): “The value is set to increase in the coming year. $ 700, it seems just yesterday. Sigh. “
  • Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook): “My purpose is to teach my stupid sister not to include personal photos on Facebook EVER! Only a fool could do it! “
  • Jonathan Ive (Senior Vice President of Industrial Design for Apple): “I can not wait to replace that ugly design style skeuomorphic on Mac and iPhone and return to a delicious Aqua interface to lick all over!”
  • Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO): “This will be another great year for Microsoft! And if it will not be Fire all members, except myself! “
  • Reed Hastings (CEO of Netflix): “The 2013 will be the year of social networks Netflix! Why yes, the world has ABSOLUTELY NEED a place to share the stupid movie with which you have just lost at least two hours looking at it. “
  • Icon Twitter : “Maybe this year I can replace the huge waste of time and distraction into something more than just chicken feed!”
  • Marissa Mayer (CEO of Yahoo!): “I’m going to make some changes really exciting . Specifically, I hope to add a second exclamation mark to Yahoo!! “

Via : TheJoyOfTech

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