Remote Access Via Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote Access Via Chrome Remote DesktopTo demonstrate the technology, Google Chrome Remoting extension released Remote Desktop Chrome (beta), which allows remote access to another computer through a browser Chrome, regardless of operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac, Chromebook).Access is on a one time authentication code that valid only during a single session.

Potentially, this technology can be used in IT-services and support for direct assistance among users. Function for remote access to your own computer (with a constant authentication code) will appear later. The current beta version of the extension is designed to demonstrate the technology and to gather feedback from users. Some details about Chrome Remoting published in the newsletter group One of the developers says that the protocol is based on several technologies Google:

The lower level P2P-connection by means of the open library libjingle , which supports the transport of UDP, TCP, or through a relay Google.

  • In this case, the PseudoTcp – libjingle implementation to ensure a reliable connection.
  • Session is established over SSL-connection.
  • For structured data, and sinronizatsii frames used protobuf (Protocol Buffers).
  • Schedule is compressed codec VP8.
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