Release of a New Generation of Processors Intel Ivy Bridge

Intel Ivy BridgeToday Intel has announced  the launch of its long-awaited 22-nanometer processors  Ivy Bridge .

Reportedly, the first production run of quad families Core i5 and Core i7 processors for desktops and laptops. Dual-core chips and low-power processors for become available ultrabukov later this spring.

Ivy Bridge marks the transition from 32 – to 22-nm technology with a decrease in the size of chips, improved productivity and reduced energy consumption. As reported by BBC Kirk Skaugen, head of computer department Intel, we are waiting for “increased by about 20 percent of the CPU performance with up to 20 percent less energy.”

The new Intel will use the “3D-effect transistors”, also known as the “three-dimensional structure of the transistors with the gate.” According to company estimates, the performance of 22-nm Tri-Gate transistors on a 37% higher than that of planar 32-nm structures. This power of the new items up to 50% less. 

Despite the fact that the release of Ivy Bridge processors, in connection with the transition to 22-nanometer process, has been detained, the company hopes to launch a large-scale production of new chips. The volume of released processors in the first six months, according to company forecasts, 50% to exceed last year’s result of Sandy Bridge.

Recall that the new processors Intel Ivy Bridge will appear this year in more than 75 models ultrabukov , as well as the new Apple MacBook Pro .


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