Quad Tablet for $ 199

Quad Tablet for $ 199Competition in the market of cheap Android-Tablet promises to be very serious. Following the release of dual ultradeshevogo Amazon Kindle Fire for $ 199, the  rumors  appeared on network about Google Nexus tablet for $ 149. It was reported that this devayse for low-cost quad-core chip had to sacrifice and to establish a dual-core processor.

And Nvidia CEO Huang Zhensyun in an interview with The New York Times reported that the summer market, you will see quad Android-plates on the Nvidia Tegra three costing only $ 199.

He believes that if the device will not display a large (enough for many, and 7 inches), as well as a large amount of expensive memory, then its value is well within the $ 200. And this despite the fact that in November last year Zhensyun Juan was convinced that in the summer of 2012 quad Soup will cost $ 299.

Director General of Nvidia “walked” on the operating system Android, saying that he was disappointed with the pace and direction of its development. “A lot of people to work anyway to buy a computer with Windows, because it is not enough capacity Android-tablets. Why the tablet c Nvidia Tegra 3, working on Windows 8 will be a great and forward-looking product “- says Zhensyun Juan.

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