Soon, Promoted Tweets in the Twitter Application for iPhone

Soon Promoted Tweets in the Twitter Application for iPhone

Twitter today announced the availability of Promoted Tweets on mobile applications for Android and iPhone. Until today there were two kinds of Twitter ads: The promoted trends and tweets in search results on Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android and the mobile version of the website and promoted accounts and promoted tweets in the timeline desktop version of it. The promoted accounts existed for some time and the official mobile applications.

In coming weeks, however, will begin in the promoted tweets Timeline of official applications for Android and iPhone. The promoted tweets will be presented initially to a small number of users almost on top of the timeline from companies already follow. This will ensure that you only see tweets from companies which have already shown interest.

The promoted tweets will have the normal form of tweets, will appear at the top of the timeline once and will be removed with normal scrolling. If you see a promoted tweet about something you are not interested in one swipe you reject it. The promoted accounts will appear in the list of ‘Who to Follow’.

So far no mention has been made ??on the application of promoted tweets in applications other than for official Android and iPhone (the iPad version will follow later), so if you wanted another reason to quit Twitter for iPhone just found him.

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