Play Video Games to Perform a Surgery

Play Video Games To Do A Surgery

All who believe the one playing video games is a waste of time, perhaps they should reconsider. A new study introduced by scientists at the University of Texas Medical demonstrates that the doctors can now do surgery while playing games on joystick is exactly the same as those needed to handle the most advanced robotic surgical machines.

Chief of research, Sami Kilic said Robotic surgery has been applied recently in the medical field and most doctors are not trained. For this reason we had to come up with an idea, how to train the trainers.

Kilic The inspired to conduct this research, watching his son to handle with ease one medical robotics simulator at a medical conference. A group of students of the university which is a global leader in medical robotics, competed against a group of students and students from other objects in a series of tests simulated robotic surgery.

Kilic’s team assessed the participants in 20 skill categories, including stability during an operation. To operate the robot simulator, a training tool with controls for both hands Required. 32 different stages are required to learn. Their movements were displayed on a screen in real time. Surgical skills of students who play an average of two hours a day video games is better than the students who play an average of four hours a day.

Ofcourse when given similar tests without the assistance robot medical students had undoubtedly the advantage.

“Most physicians are taught robotic surgery in medical schools, nevertheless when we see students with enhanced skills in hand-eye coordination and spatial perception, we have to rethink how best to teach this generation. ” 

In the survey noted that the extra two hours engaged students with video games compared with pupils not give them any particular advantage in using the simulator. This led to the conclusion that Kilic maybe two hours a day is enough time to develop such skills.

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