Phone Look Through Walls and Clothing

The phone of the future promises to bring us many wonderful gadget.

Researchers at the University of Texas (UT Dallas, USA) successfully designed a chip image can turn mobile phone into a tool shed through walls, clothing, wood, plastic, paper and other objects.

The group’s research is based on the exploitation of Terahertz frequency range (THz) in unused electromagnetic spectrum and microchip technology.

See through walls and dress

Dr. Kenneth O (left) and Dae Yeon Kim experts among the authors of the study objects penetrating device.

The new study can be applied to many aspects of life such as finding the hole in the wall, authentic documents or counterfeit money detectors. 

Terahertz range is also used to detect tumors, disease diagnosis through breath analysis … 

Group of researchers at UT Dallas continues to build a complete system image on Terahertz CMOS technology for early mobile phones.

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