Personal Information in the Android Devices are Easily Retrievable

Personal Information in the Android Devices

Mobile devices based on Google Android OS is not very suitable for those who have paid much attention to the privacy of personal information. Experts on security issues found that personal information in such devices can be recovered even after careful removal.

This conclusion came to McAfee researcher Robert Siciliano (Robert Siciliano), comparing handheld devices on different platforms by loyalty to the user information. Careless attitude towards it from the Android was revealed in the course of three decades of testing devices, including smart phones and laptops.

Web resource Electronista, was interested in the results of the study, said that of all currently popular mobile platforms, Google Android is the least sensitive to the desire of users to avoid viewing their personal information by third parties, even by its removal.Restore the data on smartphones and tablets running OSes this was the easiest, and if necessary it will take not much time.

Fortunately, there are software platforms that do not allow to recover user information without the use of special skills in this area, which, of course, is not all. To work with the restoration will have on the phones and tablets from Apple and mobile devices from the Canadian Research In Motion. Their operating systems iOS and BlackBerry OS have shown the best results in the protection of user information. In his doklane Robert Siciliano described Apple iOS and RIM BlackBerry OS as “totally inaccessible”, adding that when you reset the device to the factory system very carefully erase all personal information, leaving little chance for her recovery.

Among the worst desktop operating systems, the results showed Windows XP, is still the most popular in the world, despite its solid 10-year-old age. Experts on security is not recommended to sell second-hand smart phones and tablets on the operating system Android, as well as computers with Windows XP without formatting the drive at a low level.


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