People are Leaving Twitter ?

People are Leaving Twitter

In the world’s largest network of microblogging Twitter there has been a mass exodus of famous people who refuse to use social services for different reasons. Most often it is impolite comments from other users of Twitter.

The tradition of posting messages to Twitter users was based on the famous Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey, who were among the users of the service even if it was not such a large figure in the social networks. This contributed to the growth of the popularity and Twitter. However, it now appears that many celebrities live in the pages of the service is not as easy as it seemed earlier, according to Telegraph.

One of the last known people who refused to Twitter, was Matt Lucas, star of TV show “Little Britain”. The decision was taken off life after a teenager let impartial joke about the death of his former partner Kevin McGee , who hanged himself in 2009. Audience Lucas was 565 thousand readers.

Well-known supporter of Twitter has long been a Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher, who scored in the service of almost 10 million followers, however, and he now refused to write personal messages on the microblogging service. At the moment, for it sends a write command is specially hired professionals. This decision was taken after Ashton was involved in a scandal involving pedophilia. Do not understand the situation, Kutcher expressed his support for Twitter, coach Joe Paterno, which is silent about the fact that his assistant has regular intimate contact with pupils. When the details of the stories were made public, the actor changed his position, but his reputation is affected the most unsightly manner.

In recent weeks, Twitter has gone from the singer and social activist Sinead O’Connor and Manchester City football player Mike Richards, the same decision was made by an English footballer Stan Collymore, got in his address to about 200 abusive messages from the network “troll”, ie bullies.

As for the administration of Twitter, guide service has begun to introduce a geographical “censorship” in some countries, but it does not always help. One of the main advantages of the service was considered the presence in its pages of famous people, and it is not entirely clear how this will affect the development of the network. Management declined to comment on the network until the mass exodus of celebrities from their pages.


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