Pentax Presents “WG-3” a Perfect Machine for Adventurers

pentax-wg-3-01The Pentax recently announced their new camera, the WG-3. The highlight of the machine is great strength, but also the power of its lenses, bold design and the option of charging it via wireless.

The WG-3 model is water resistant and supports dives of up to 10 m deep. Furthermore, the Pentax ensures that the machine stand falls 6 m high and tolerate pressures up to one tonne.The camera also has a rubber surface to improve adhesion and may also be secured in a belt to record moments with your hands free.

With 16 megapixel sensor, 4x optical zoom (with a maximum aperture of F2.0 at wide angle end), anti-vibration system and CMOS sensor (which converts light into electrons, reducing noise and tremors), the Pentax WG-3 still has the Digital Microscope mode. With 6 LED lamps arranged around the lens, to ensure good lighting for macro photos, the camera allows up to 1 cm proximity of the object to be photographed.

However, the biggest news of this machine is that its battery is recharged wirelessly, using a bracket with Qi technology standard. And the WG-3 is also compatible with SD cards Wireless LAN.

The Pentax also announced the WG-3 GPS, which has a second LCD screen on the back with a display that shows compass, altimeter and barometer. This model also allows you to do “geotags”, documenting the geographic location .

Planned to hit stores in March, these cameras should cost around $ 300, and $ 350 model with GPS system ($ 600 and $ 750, respectively, in direct conversion). 

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