The Pen, With Which one Can Speak

The Pen, With Which one Can Speak

In January, I had tested the Prime Transformer in action, the first tablet with a quad core processor . I was disturbed at the time the touch screen and keyboard dilemma: The Prime consists of a tablet and a Tastaturdock, in which one can engage the flat computer. If you use the device as a mini-notebook, it is annoying, always stretch out his arm to move icons with your finger across the screen.

Now Asus has at Mobile World Congress show the prototype of a small device that could solve this problem. It not only has the potential to relax the arm muscles in such cases, it could also in many other situations and with many other devices have a very practical purpose.

The Tablet accessory looks unimpressive as a pen, where the stylus has been replaced by a rubber bump. The whole thing is nicely packaged in a sleek and rugged metal housing. I’ve just tried to deal with a Transformer-Tablet/Notebook and I’m thrilled.The few inches to the extended arm of the pen, touch-relax actions in dealing with the touch screen made up.

But it may also at any other lumps pin. What the Asus model is distinguished in that it simultaneously has a speakerphoneLinked via Bluetooth to a mobile phone or tablet, I can answer calls by pressing a button, adjust the volume via a rocker switch. This allows the pen for me to replace a great Bluetooth headset that I would need otherwise to use the phone function of the growing mobile phone and tablets.

Charming is that I walk around constantly so that neither a “Button in Ear”, still the same press frantically for an incoming call to the ear canal. It suffices to consider just the pen from his jacket pocket, and I’m ready to talk. This looks like getting used to. But the use of the hands-free pen is less irritating than the super-small with a headset.

In theory, at least. Because so far the only smart pen is a prototype. Is when and at what price the communicative Show help on the market is not yet clear. One thing is certain, however, that the need for such extensions may soon rise dramatically finger: In the fall comes the first wave of Windows 8 laptops and PCs with touch screen and keyboard on the market .

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