Paperless Classroom: Timberland Invented a New Electronic Desk

Paperless Classroom: Timberland Invented a New Electronic Desk 2

Traditional desks use of wood or metal having low-cost but monotony. On order side to improve the students’ interest in learning, Durham University researchers to produce a novel desks. It comes with a multi-touch screen with bespoke software that enables  networking with other desks.

The Department was named it “SynergyNet” that is composed of of multimedia desks and supporting software. Advantage of this system is that teachers can use the job assigned to individual students or groups and real-time observation of their situation. In order to test the effect of this new type of device, the researchers of SynergyNet use  it in the Durham University College of Education.

The students are involved in the testing of 8-10 year-old children with courses in mathematics and English. The results show that the new desk on the interaction of the students have a very big advantage and it is unmatched by traditional teaching aids.          

“We found SynergyNet can train kids teamwork,” said Liz Byrd, professor at the Institute of Education of the University of Durham, “With this new desks, the children have better understanding of the mathematical concept as compared to our previous  paper textbooks “

Another professor Steve Higgins also praised:”

“Huge improvement is foreseen by using this technology in teaching.It can help teachers to manage and coordinate the students and  to enhance their learning efficiency. ”         

Although SynergyNet systems are also very expensive but the researchers are very optimistic about it. They want to reduce procurement costs through improvements in technology and production. They want to extended this state-of-the-art teaching facilities to more places. 

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