The Olly: Robot will Alert you With Scents for Facebook

The Olly-Robot will Alert you With Scents for Facebook

Olly is a small USB-powered Robot device that converts the various online alerts, such as your emails, tweets and Facebook messages to odors. Designed by Mint Digital Foundry, was certainly a number of innovative and smart idea without, however, still be a commercially available product. Now Olly has taken a step closer to reality since posted on Kickstarter .

The group is seeking 27,000 euros through pledges, to be able to implement it. Olly Each device contains a small disk which can be filled with any essential oil or perfume you want. Then by setting off from his computer, you can choose which scent will emerge, depending on which notice will receive. A tweet from your girlfriend, that you can smell from far away that you came. Kickstarter will remain on or before February 10. If you bet $ 50 or more and the target amount is reached, then you get a device. Watch the video below for more information.


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