Obama Technology Policy: Will Open up More Government Data

Obama Technology Policy: Will Open up More Government Data 1

The U.S. presidential election results came out, the Obama finally overcome Romney successful re-election of the President of the United States. A few days ago, the United States media Techcrunch based on Obama’s previous policy. The impact of their re-election will has made some predictions in tech industry.

As follows:

1. Immigration policies to support high-tech talent.

Obama is likely to promote a new entrepreneurial Act (Startup 2.0 Act), the bill early in the next year, graduated from the American University of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics foreign graduates work visa restrictions will be relaxed. The implementation of the bill will stimulate the entrepreneurial passion of foreign employees in the United States, and create more employment opportunities for the United States. In addition, the bill would relax after the U.S. the the different visas threshold set by staff from different countries. However, if Obama relaxed restrictions to Mexico and other low-income countries immigrants, I am afraid that will be incurred Republicans strongly oppose.

2. Open government data

Obama had already appointed child care – Parker (Todd Park), chief technology officer for the United States national, appointed Steven – Where Rocker (Steven VanRoekel) for the U.S. chief information officer. In the successful re-election of Barack Obama, the two will continue to work to open more government data used in civilian areas, the data used in the field of civil navigation to open government GPS systems like President Reagan.

3. Investing heavily in high-tech industries

Obama administration will continue to be strongly supported by the Small Business Administration (Small Business Administration) in these two areas of clean energy and science and technology, and a lot of financial support given to those in California and New York area start-ups.

4. Scheme STEM education programs

Obama will continue to support the cultivation of professional students of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, referred to as “STEM”), and strive to make every student has an equal opportunity to learn, and to take reserves for the country the next generation of creative talents.

Tuesday’s U.S. election polling day, Google co-founder of race Kyrgyzstan Brin (Sergey Brin) published a blog condemning the fierce struggle between the two major political parties in the United States, and called for the eventual winner to come out of the partisan truly neutral posture independent management in this country. Brin said in a blog: “I have encountered political parties are well thought out, very well-intentioned, but 90% of their efforts seem to be used against the other parties.”

Nevertheless, Google itself has a certain political bias. The data show that for the current election, Google employees and the company’s political action committee donated to the campaign team of Barack Obama (Barack Obama) 73.7055 ten thousand U.S. dollars. This figure includes donations from staff and family members, Brin I donated $ 5,000 to the Obama campaign team.

In contrast, Romney (Mitt Romney), Google employees and the company’s political action committee donated ten thousand U.S. dollars 2.5539. Overall, the U.S. technology company to Obama donated over 700 million dollars, less than the $ 8.7 million four years ago. Romney donated nearly $ 3,000,000, equivalent to twice the time McCain (John McCain).


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