New iPad Hacked in the First Day of Sales

i0n1c - About to Start Cracking the New iPadHackers took only a few hours to crack a new model of Apple iPad tablet , which went on sale on Friday, shows Twitter-party authoritative account hacker group iPhone Dev Team under the name MuscleNerd. Two other groups  i0nic and chpwn also presented their evidence the new iPad “jailbreak”  on the same day, when it became available at retail.

The hacker posted a screenshot of Cydia, running on the new iPad. This application is used to install software on the Apple mobile technology through informal channels, different from the online store Apple App Store.

MuscleNerd does not specify when a new tool to crack the iPad will be in the public domain, noting that passed “only the first step.” However, such a rapid success hacking suggests that major difficulties to the creation of a public instrument for such purposes should not be.

The hacker group known iPhone Dev Team release of utilities for hacking mobile Apple devices to run pirated and non-certified applications, as well as to eliminate the binding of smartphones iPhone to the network only one mobile operator.

Sales of new iPad began on Friday in 10 countries – U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, etc. A week after its debut – March 23 – New on sale for more than two dozen countries in the “second wave”. Date of start of sales of new products in Russia is still unknown. According to experts, while the appearance of the device will depend on the saturation of consumer demand in the higher-priority areas for Apple.

The main feature of the third generation iPad, announced on March 7, was a record high-resolution screen capable of displaying 2048×1536 pixels – four times more than the first two generations of devices. In addition, RAM has been doubled to 1GB.

Another new iPad – an optional module for use in cellular networks, LTE – will benefit only the residents of the United States and Canada. However, the version of the tablet with a cellular module retain compatibility with networks of 3G.iPad-3-Jailbreak



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