Mozilla is Developing a Browser for iPad Tablet

Mozilla is Developing a Browser for iPad Tablet 1

Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of the popular browser Firefox, has announced plans to release a new browser – for the Tablet PC Apple iPad, the press service of the organization.

Developed by participants in the organization of a product called Junior and is positioned as a brand new application to surf the web without some traditional elements of the mobile browser. The creators believe that Junior will have all chances to become a worthy competitor to the browser Safari, which is now often use the owners iPad. However, until Mozilla does not even name the approximate time of emergence of the new browser on the iPad – work on the program is far from complete.

“We wanted to make something really new, find out whether we can” reinvent “the browser to a new form factor,” – commented on the product designer Alex Limi Firefox.

Unlike Safari and other browsers for iOS, development specialists Mozilla does not have frames, windows and tabs – the program interface looks more like a media player interface, the user selects a page to visit, touching her thumbnail image on the desktop browser or one of the tabs, which are located here. A forthcoming specialists Mozilla browser is almost completely missing tool-bar – leaving only two virtual buttons, one of which is responsible for the return to the previous page, and another – to create a new page.

The application interface provides the ability to switch between different pages, just like gallery, consisting of their thumbnails. Also consider Mozilla browser control with gestures.

In addition to the two function keys, a list of recently opened tabs and pages, about half of the screen in the current version of the interface Junior takes a virtual keyboard with the search string.

Many other companies have already released their own browser for the iPad. Among them – Yahoo Axis, Atomic, Dolphin, Opera Mini and Skyfire. Google also expects to soon release a version of its Chrome browser for the tablet from Apple.

While no third-party manufacturer is not able to get a significant share of the browser market for the iPad. In particular, because of Apple’s browser is tightly integrated with mobile systems and applications. For example, many programs for iOS configured by default to ensure that open links to web pages and other content is in Safari.

Browser Mozilla Firefox – the most famous product of Mozilla Foundation. According to the analytical service, in May, the program took 19.71% of the global browser market. More – only Internet Explorer (54.05%), and Google Chrome (19.58%).


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