Motion Controlled iPhone Interface in 3D

 Motion Controlled iPhone Interface in 3D -

Apple has applied for a patent in the U.S., which describes an innovative control system, when the user moves with bare movements of iPhones through a 3D environment.

The new interface makes do with a normal display – only the three-dimensional representation consists of polygons. A stereoscopic representation is not provided. The 3D user interface, the user navigates by twisting and turning the iPhone. The gyroscope and the compass of the iPhone to help in the movement detection and navigation.

Motion Controlled iPhone Interface in 3D

3D interfaces are by themselves no novelty. On the desktop, there have been several attempts by the extension of the limited space on the third dimension is expanding.

For Windows, there are additional programs such as the Real and Bumptop desktop. The manufacturer of Bumbtop was acquired by Google in early 2010.The program has since evolved and is no longer set the paid Pro version.

The patent 20120007850 Apple has already filed in July 2010. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published the application until now. Apple’s patent applications do not necessarily have to turn into products. On the contrary – a lot of patents and patent applications has never been implemented in products.


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