More Slim Smart Phones With Nano SIM Cards in 2012

More Slim Smart Phones With Nano SIM Cards in 2012In today’s smart phones are increasingly used by micro-SIM-card to make there smart phones slim, but it seems that soon they will have to make them more slimer with the help of  nano-SIM-card .These  G & D nano-SIM-card are introduced by Cartes & IDentificationthe company,at the Paris exhibition 2011 .  These nano-SIM-card can probably begin to be used in phones early next year. Size of the card is 12 mm x 9 mm.

Compared with the currently used micro-SIM-cards, nano-SIM will be 30% smaller and 15% thinner. And if you compare it with the standard SIM-card, it will be as much as 60% less.

Experts believe that the introduction of nano-SIM-cards to further increase competition in the production of more and more slim phones with more capacious batteries.

Given that the reduced space occupied by the SIM-card, an additional battery, or even to install additional memory.On the other hand may have difficulty with the use of nano-SIM-cards for those who need to frequently swap SIM-cards. Because of the small size and being very thin, a new generation of card may well be too fragile.

Whatever the further developments, now nano-SIM-card is still in development and, possibly, its release will take place in early 2012.

More Slim Smart Phones With Nano SIM Cards in 2012

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