Mobile Software and Hardware Market: Where the Apple Stands?

In the latest 3-month knowledge from comScore, Samsung is that the leading manufacturer of mobile phones within the US whereas Android is that the leading OS for smartphones.

Mobile Software and Hardware Market- Where the Apple Stands

Apple’s second-ranked share of the OS market grew throughout this point amount, whereas Symbian, Microsoft, and RIM continued to say no.

Mobile Software and Hardware Market- Where the Apple Stands-1

For the 3-month amount ending in November, comScore’s survey of 30,000 Americans over aged thirteen and older showed that 234 million used a mobile device. With an estimated 207 million adults between 15-65 years recent in 2010, that looks to hide nearly everybody.

Samsung continues to be the leading OEM with twenty five.6% share when smartphones and non-smartphones are combined. Their proportion share rose zero.3 points throughout the amount. Apple was the sole alternative manufacturer to indicate a gain throughout this point, rising 1.4 points to a fourth-place 11.2% share. LG lost 0.5 points (20.5%), Motorola lost zero.3 points (13.7%), and RIM lost 0.6 points (6.5%).

Mobile Software and Hardware Market- Where the Apple Stands-2

When gazing solely smartphones, the platform of selection is Android with a forty 6.9% share of the OS market, up 3.1 points throughout the 3-month amount. Apple conjointly saw a gain of 1.4 points to finish with a twenty 8.7% share. RIM lost the foremost points, dropping 3.1 to a 16.6% share, whereas Microsoft and Symbian had smaller losses of 0.5 and 0.3 points to finish with 5.2% and 1.5% shares respectively.

Smartphone or not, all mobile subscribers appear to be using their devices for over simply creating calls. whether or not or not it’s sending text messages, browsing the net, or being attentive to music, the amount of individuals taking advantage of the options of their phone rose across the board.


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