MIT Develops a Video Software that Lets you See the “Heartbeat”

MIT Develops a Video Software that Lets you See the "Heartbeat" 2

One and it was thought that little remained to be invented and that although MIT is famous for amaze everyone with his discoveries in the field of video, little was left to discover. Well look at this reaches you that the research team of Professor Michael Rubinstein and have a software that is able to “visualize” physiological aspects that go unnoticed to the naked eye . Aspects such as the pulse: see how blood is pumped through our bodies and in real time.

To do this start from a normal video signal, which after applying a series of algorithms in a pyramid structure, we extract information that is relevant to the case. In the case of the “pulse”, extract the signals with a cycle of 1 Hz and amplified, and subsequently restore the video. And voila: we have something just like that .. the truth, put some fear:

Many you may think that this is not very useful, but quite the opposite. For example, you can use in hospitals as baby monitoring system, since it is much easier this way to check directly if a newborn is breathing properly even while sleeping. The truth is that children of MIT not cease to surprise every day. What will be their next discovery?

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