How MIT defined future technologies

During more than 150 years, MIT has been the cradle of great inventions and inventors and it is one of the most influential institutions in the world.


During the last hundred years, the world society has evolved at an exponential rate . In 1900, for example, transport were scarce, inefficient and very archaic. Today, vehicles are autonomous, electric and  having interesting features such as air conditioning or GPS navigation.

In this intense progress we have witnessed an institute that has performed lot of work, i.e the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) . This university located in Cambridge has been the birthplace of many inventors and inventions since its founding in 1861. The walls of the buildings have witnessed the origin of the future countless times and it is that academics linked to this institution have been essential in the development of multiple technologies that have defined the future. Here are some of the most important:

  • Touchscreens.¬†As described for¬†WIRED¬†, in the laboratories of MIT developed¬†the first touchscreen which is an essential technology in today ‘s¬†society .¬†In fact, more and more items use touch screens to operate from¬†smartphone¬†to a refrigerator.
  • Electronic ink.¬†Present in products like Kindle has origins at MIT.¬†It was in 1997, when researchers at¬†the MIT Media Lab able to represent images based on this technology.¬†Since then, its use has not only¬†increased but smartphones¬†with electronic ink display are created.
  • Wearables.¬†During the second half of the twentieth century, MIT was home to the first¬†wearables¬†and grandparents of Google Glass, Apple Watch and Fit-bits.¬†One of his parents is Alex Pentland who is a¬†professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Geo -positioning¬†systems and navigation.¬†The GPS navigation systems also had their first steps in the laboratories of MIT.¬†Within the MIT, its researchers worked for years in geo -positioning¬†systems and navigation.Today, these inventions have enabled systems like Uber, Google Maps and even autonomous cars.
  • RSA encryption.¬†This based on public and private key system that was developed in 1977 within the MIT resulted in one of the most popular encryption algorithms at¬†the time, later resulting in different systems to reach ciphers today.
  • Color film.¬†One of the companies that promoted the creation of color film was Technicolor Motion Picture Inc., which was strongly linked to the¬†Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

These are just some of the inventions developed within the MIT. However, the true significance of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the training of professionals able to define future standards . Without going anyfurther, in buildings that constitute the MIT have studied people as the creator of the email, the prime movers of the transistors, academics linked to the World Wide Web, the creator of BOSE or parents of spreadsheets all use daily.

During its more than 150 years, this institution has driven fields like engineering or science to its highest level and positioning itself as one of the main players in the sector. In fact, the organization of MIT estimates that during its 150 years of history, its graduates have joined a more than 30,000 companies worldwide by generating about $ 2.2 trillion in whole.Its an influence that few institutions can boast.



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