A Micro-SD Adapter Mac Special

SSD owners with Apple puts in some of his machines, it becomes expensive to increase the storage capacity of a Mac, SSDs this format are rare and expensive. But now there is a solution to increase the capacity of a few tens of GB at a lower cost, without dismantling the machine and without resorting to an external disk: the Nifty MiniDrive.

Under this name hides a small accessory simple but ingenious: a micro-SD adapter millimetre cut to slip into the SD slot of a Mac without exceeding (a notch in his flan can extract it by inserting a tool comes with MiniDrive or a simple paper clip).

A Micro-SD Adapter Mac Special 2

So you can add up to 64GB of storage space (and probably more in the near future, the theoretical limit format micro SD XC lying to 2TB) “semi-internal” on the Mac after mid-2010 (previous models are limited to micro SD HC, with a maximum capacity of 32 GB), without the need to remove the card to transport the machine, unlike a standard SD card to be removed to avoid the risk of damaging it.

The Nifty MiniDrive will be sold from December to $ 35 (including shipping to Europe and North America) and available in three colors (red, Gray or black) and three versions: 
* Air MiniDrive for MacBook Air, Pro and iMac 
* MiniDrive Pro for MacBook Pro and iMac, 
MiniDrive * Retina Retina for MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro and iMac.

A Micro-SD Adapter Mac Special 3

Nifty recommends choosing the version that corresponds exactly to the type of machine. For example, although the suit MiniDrive Retina MacBook Pro Classic is a mm deeper, and therefore may slightly exceed the chassis once installed.

Attention, we still like to remind you that although memory card uses flash memory as a SSD performance in practice are much lower, especially on certain models the SD drive is connected via USB 2.0, which limits the maximum throughput to several tens of Mb / s, although some cards offer higher performance.

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