Micron and IBM are Developing Ultra Fast Memory Controllers

IBM and Micron announced a co-production of memory controllers, which will operate 15 times faster! This chip is called Hybrid Memory CubeMarketing of a product will be occupied by Micron which is the largest memory manufacturer in the U.S.

Micron and IBM are Developing Ultra Fast Memory Controllers

The developers have announced that the new controller will implement the full potential of dynamic memory (DRAM), as well as to help overcome the gap between processor speed and memory. Initially, the technology is designed for use in high performance systems such as servers, but the developers claim that, in the end product will appear in the consumer market.

IBM Technology, known as TSV, implements special channels through which the connection with each individual stack. This technology will combine with the latest DRAM from Micron. Hybrid Memory Cube will offer a rate of 128 gigabytes per second. For comparison, the speed of memory controllers today is 12.8. Another Cube requires 70% less energy for data transmission, and the place is only 10% of current analogue. Hybrid Memory Cube will be made at a factory in East Fishkille IBM, New York. Chips will be released on 32-nanometer process technology. Delivery of chips will begin in the second half of 2012. 

Via [ cnet.com ]

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