After MegaUpload, Who Will be the Next Victim?

After MegaUpload who will be the next victim

On 19 / 1 last, the U.S. Justice Department has dealt blow “to kill” one of the notorious file sharing site most internet: MegaUpload, in addition to the prosecution of the offenses involved the violation of intellectual property.Seven individuals and two corporations – Megaupload Limited and Vestor Limited – has been brought to trial in the Supreme Court of New York City. If convicted, these individuals are at risk will face sentences of up to 50 years in prison.

Realizing the potential risk, many other file sharing sites have almost immediate change in policy activities. While FILESONIC or Filejungle only allow users to download the file they’ve uploaded, the “forbidden” to the American customers to access their site. The move by three of the popular file sharing site with one purpose only: to not go to a “catastrophic” as the MegaUpload. Here, a question is to answer the community was formed in internet use: Who will be the “prey” next, and moreover, the fate of online sharing will go?

At this point, it is difficult to identify the U.S. judicial authorities will take any file sharing sites to become the next victim. However, if you choose a list of web pages “potential”, it is not really a very difficult job. For example, the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) has classified the following sites to the list of serious violations of site copyright:,, and
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I can not say for sure that the Ministry of Justice is looking forward to radar sites, but once you become a victim, make sure the punishment for this web page will harsh than MegaUpload very much.”  Hakhinian , head of network security Intralinks said. A little information on the sidelines, this company provides security services for 800 of the companies listed Forrtune 1000. “If you are a member of an online sharing site allows you to download the blockbuster with just 10 USD a month, then that site can be very defeating FBI
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Put simply, the internet still exists dozens of ‘host’ online behavior is not different at all from MegaUpload (including sharing sites or torrent sites as “redirect”). And here is a list of a few sites are likely to become the next man to permanently leave the internet market potential:


One netizen site that Vietnam is no stranger. Many high-definition movie has been uploaded to 4shared users as an “intermediate ports” before sharing to others. To become a senior member, you only spend c? 4.55 USD (about 100 thousand) to file applications with the ability to download up to 5GB storage and 100GB of storage, while that to the members Free only 2GB and 10GB respectively.


Once a member has posted gas, Hotfile will let you upload and 400MB free storage. Besides the upgrade package is pretty much the price varies, but generally “expensive” than 4shared.
One of the online storage site “cute” one of Vietnam due to download speed and download capability allows multiple parallel file without having to log into the system. In addition, only 9USD a month (nearly 200 thousand USD), the user could upload files with size up to 4GB, as well as server “favor” permanent storage of data, rather than just existed for a year as a free user.

One of the host data sharing was first known to the Vietnamese. At the present time, for a number of ISP in Vietnam, speed download from Rapidshare is not necessarily ideal. But that did not affect the Rapidshare became one of the top choices of Vietnamese netizens to share data when necessary.

The Pirate Bay

“Pirate Bay” by the Swedes turned out to be “paradise” for the “Active People” torrent, or the film fan that does not have enough financial condition to open in theaters on a regular basis. In 2006, the site was almost completely wiped out after a police crackdown. The reason is simple, ThePirateBay is a search engine visibility with the torrent file of the movie, music album, software, or even the game and help internet users can download them for free .

 Project – Free TV

With the slogan “Start of free TV era”, how to make this statement of the Project – Free TV eventually just copyright infringement important research. This site contains links to download a series of films as well as the popular TV show.,, and
Maybe the three sites unfamiliar, but it would be flawed if it does not mention them in the list of sites at risk fall into the sights of the United States authorities. Like Project – Free TV, three sites is also a huge database of movies and television shows.


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