Megaupload Defends Himself: “We are like YouTube”

 Megaupload Defends Himself- We are like YouTube

Megaupload began to erect their wall of defense against charges brought by the DOJ and that led to the closure of the portal to upload files. Ira Rothken, one of the lawyers hired by the company, has released an interview with Ars Technica points out that such a procedure in which represents a clear violation of several laws, in not allowed to defend himself before the closing Megaupload and would have stolen millions users to upload their own files on the servers of the company legally.

Megaupload, through their lawyers, then continue to proclaim himself innocent and stands ready to play a rather important paper. Rothken has announced it wanted to demonstrate to the judges that the case in question turns out to be quite similar to what YouTube has involved a few years ago . The portal of Mountain View was accused by Viacom of copyright infringement, only to get an important victory in court.According to the lawyers of Megaupload, in short, it would be in a position similar to that of YouTube and asks that the matter be resolved in the same way.

Rothken continues stressing that it is rather suspect that such action has taken place in a period so important in the fight against piracy, with the laws SOPA PIPA and the center of attention: So what happened is a clear example of how these measures can become a dangerous threat to freedom on the Net.

Source: Ars Technica


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