Mark Zuckerberg’s Ingredients for Success

Mark Zuckerberg's Ingredients for Success

He is in twenties when he created Facebook in 2004 and, seven years later, the CEO of the social network announced the entry of the company millions in the Stock Exchange on Wall Street. What is the recipe for success.

A leader is made or born? Mark Zuckerberg, just 27, is the creator of Facebook , asocial empire that grew a little while first, then rapidly. Last week, with big business that is the data of 800 million people registered on the platform , the company entered the stock market.

The specialized site TechCrunch analyzed the figure of the CEO to find the recipe for success. According determined ambition, vision, determination, execution, luck and timing were the key ingredients .


A Russian proverb says that the highest stem the grass is the first to be cut.Zuckerberg’s ambition led him quickly to excel and distinguish themselves from the rest of his fellow Harvard University.

At first, he wanted to impress girls. Later, he led the money, respect and knowledge.

“Ambition is necessary to succeed. The challenge is to manage the emotions around it. When the Winklevoss twins hired Mark to build them their social network, he never revealed who aspired to make your own,” says TechCrunch .


Being visionary is essential. Facebook was not, primarily, but deserves recognition for becoming a true directory of people, not just users.

Before there was Facebook, it was more difficult to contact old friends or find known. How to connect with others evolved through this network.


“Stay focused and continues to send” read a sign on the desk of Mark Zuckerberg, who hung on Facebook once. Since its beginning until now, the network was able to renew the profiles and applications are easier to use for users. 


As I said the late founder of Apple, Steve Jobs: “What distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from the unsuccessful is perseverance.”

This determination is present in Zuckerberg, who was patiently devising social network to make it the empire that is today. The slips in the launch of Facebook, the Winklevoss twins complaint for “his theft of idea” and the charges for not respecting the privacy of users failed to stop the CEO. 


In addition to persevere and have been motivated by ambition, Zuckerberg was lucky. For example, he met Sean Parker, who introduced him to the investor Peter Thiel, essential for the initial momentum of Facebook. But fortune also pursued (and is).


Knowing how to find the time and use it is one of the main ingredients in any recipe for success. Google was not the first search engine and was not the first Youtube video player. And it certainly was not the first Facebook social network.

Mark always handled his watch, stands TechCruch , thanks to the timing learned not to accept the offer from Microsoft or Yahoo to sell the upward social network, agree with Zynga and other companies developing applications and renewal. Everything always in time.


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