“Magic Carpet” Flies in The Sky

Magic Carpet Flies in The SkyThousand and One Nights seems to live, a Ph.D. candidate at Princeton University: created a small sheet of conductive plastic flying waving. 

The magic carpet, ten centimeters long, it creates ripples that push the air from the front to the back of the lower surface. Flying sheet The prototype presented in Applied Physics Letters flies with a velocity meter per second, or 3.6 kilometers per hour – slightly more slowly than a man who does ride. The Tzaferis Noa , who invented the carpet as part of his doctoral dissertation, now hopes that the speed can ekatontaplasiastei. Calculates that even a flying sheet of plastic 50 meters could bear the weight of a man. The problem is that the electric current that creates the wave motion from a battery connected to a cable card.

 This obstacle could be overcome, however, with solar panels embedded in the upper surface. “What made ??it difficult for us was to control the behavior of the sheet is deformed because of high frequency,” he told the BBC Sterm James, supervisor of Noah Jeffries. The problem for To solve the problem and make the fly sheet, the researcher covered the surface of the original sensors, whose data allowed him to anticipate where folds formed. It remains unknown whether the invention of Tzaferis will never have practical applications. 

He nevertheless believes that it would be an ideal way to travel in dusty areas, where vehicles with moving parts difficult to pass. preliminary estimates show that even such flying vehicles could fly even in the thin atmosphere of Mars.


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