The Nokia Lumia 610 will be Used as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Nokia Lumia 610 as wifi hotspot

The Nokia Lumia 610 , the first Windows phone of the Finnish-oriented medium-low range of the mobile phone market, will offer the opportunity to create a Wi-Fi hotspot to share its data connection with other devices . To suggest this is the same technical specifications of the device, which would in fact offer a feature which was absent on other terminals launched by Nokia in collaboration with Microsoft.Without the need to use applications provided by third parties, in short, the owners of Lumia 610 can connect to the Internet from a PC or a tablet using the data plan purchased by your phone, simply by enabling the appropriate functionality. In a few taps of your fingers, then, we can transform the smartphone into a Wi-Fi signal source to connect to for access to the Web.

The Lumia 610 will be Used as a Hotspot - wifi

Such a feature makes it so the Lumia 610 even more attractive in the eyes of those who are looking for a new generation of smartphones, however, without going to face a charge too much for the purchase of the device tip. The retail price of this device is in fact equal to 189 euros , a figure that is significantly lower than other products in some cases comparable to it in terms of technical specifications.

Source: Engadget


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